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160M Vertical Damaged

Vertical was damaged on 2010/06/27.  Pending repair; will be adding another 23 ft for a total height of 86 ft.


160M Vertical Replaced

88ft aluminum tubing vertical.  Top loaded with (4) 22 ft. wires.  Resonance is around 1975 kHz.  A 5 inch diameter coil made of 1/4 in. copper tubing is used in series to bring resonance down to around 1828 kHz.  A shunt coil raises the feedpoint impedance for a 1:1 match and approx. 75 kHz 1.5:1 SWR bandwidth.  There are (96) 80-130ft radials installed.


New 160M Vertical

New 160M vertical completed April 19, 2010.

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