2016 PA QSO Party @NO3M


This year I decided to relax a bit and fire up some of my 1930s replica homebrew gear.   My plans to build a new exciter were sidelined, so I used whatever was available, including part of what used to be the 2016 Field Day transmitter for 40M and my 160M 203A transmitter for 80M and 160M.

For a receiver, I used my recently finished 1934 “De Luxe” Superhet, built according to an article in May 1934 QST.

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1934 Superhet Receiver #10 – FINAL

On-air Reception Test. COMPLETE.


After about three-weeks of construction, the time had finally arrived to test the 1934 QST De Luxe Superhet Receiver on the air!  With power supplied, tubes lit, dial indicator lamps lit, and coils installed, I plugged in the louspeaker and connected the antenna lead (active vertical in backyard) and began tuning around the 160M band to find that “first” on-air signal… Continue reading 1934 Superhet Receiver #10 – FINAL

1934 Superhet Receiver #9

Wiring, Smoke Test, Alignment


The construction process continued with wiring the underside of the chassis.  I acquired NOS lacquered, cloth covered wire in several different gauges.  All components (carbon comp. resistors, caps, etc.) are NOS, mostly 50/60s vintage.  Wide, waxed covered, white dental floss was used for lacing the wire bundles where needed.  In commercial gear with wire harnesses, lacing was generally done first, then the harness installed.  For this one-off homebew project, I just laced the wire bundles in-place after installation. Continue reading 1934 Superhet Receiver #9