The 7in. TFT display (BuyDisplay ER-TFTM070-5) and VFO encoder (Bourns ENS1D-B28-L00100L, same as used in Elecraft K3) have been fitted to the front panel. The enclosure is a Hammond 1401P (14W x 10D x 5H) with steel top and bottom covers and aluminum front and rear panels. The display opening was made by drilling small holes around the desired perimeter and filing down, with a slightly rounded front-facing edge. The panel was masked off leaving a small “lip” exposed around the opening and sprayed with stain black paint. The final result created a nice bezel-like appearance to contrast the grainy OEM finish of the panel.

The Teensy 3.5 is just sitting on the enclosure bottom plate, but will eventually be fitted to a protoyping board and mounted to a vertical panel that will be parallel to the front panel.