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HRO-5 on 630M WSPR

I recently modified a spare “F” HRO-5 coilset (500-960 kc) to bandspread the 630M band, providing 10 divisions per kilohertz now.


There is some frequency drifting on the order of +/- 20 Hz, but I wanted to see how well the receiver would hold up decoding WSPR stations on the band. Continue reading …..

YCCC Hi-Z RX preamp

Received the YCCC Hi-Z RX preamp today for testing on LF/MF.  Planning to put it together over the weekend and do some 2200M WSPR monitoring.


630M MOPA at Dayton

The 630M MOPA (89/802/811) was displayed at the Dayton Hamvention as part of the homebrew theme this year.  Plenty of questions were asked and photos taken like the one below!


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