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630M AMRAD transverter retired

The AMRAD transverter has been retired.  In it’s place is a new transverter design by VK3XDK: see here.

Previous Transverter

Three AMRAD based converters are used for frequency conversion using a 10 MHz LO derived from a GPS disciplined reference oscillator (modified Trimble Thunderbolt).  An Elecraft K3 is used in conjuction with the transverter for dual receive and transmit capabilities, also disciplined using the 10 MHz reference (K3EXREF option).

For transmit, a W8DIZ 10W linear amplifier follows one of the AMRAD converters (down conversion) and feeds a modified (KN8AZN) Communications Concept EB-63A 100W amplifier.  Maximum power is about  110W.

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